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 Membership Application!

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PostSubject: Membership Application!   July 11th 2017, 5:56 pm

What is your first name?
Nick, nice to meet you!

What is your main character's name, and family name?
Elyushin Raventuile

What is your class, and what is your level? Please include a screenshot that has your inventory screen, your level, your stat sheet, and your name clearly visible.
Dark Knight, Level 53

What is your age?

What is your current time zone?
Pacific, US

Do you prefer to roleplay, PvP, or PvE primarily? In what order would you prioritize the three options?
PvE with a chance of PvP upon learning more - PvE, PvP, RP

Do you own a microphone? If so, are you willing to be in Discord as frequently as you can manage? Being vocal and communicating with others is important for coordination as well as community.
Yes, I own a microphone, and yes, I'm willing to be in Discord

How many hours do you play BDO a day? How many hours do you play BDO a week?
Since starting, I have the game open all day doing something (fishing, processing, etc.), but in terms of active playing, I try to get 1-2 hours in on weekdays and whenever I'm home on the weekends (I travel for work/family sometimes) I have been playing anywhere between 2-8+ hours depending on what my wife will tolerate.  Wink

Do you generally play MMO's for long periods of time, or do you burn out easily?
I played FFXI for a total of 3 years, EQ2 for 1, and WoW for 5-6. I wouldn't say I burn out easily, but I am an active player of many genres of games. I will not lie...when a game comes out that I am really looking forward to, I tend to focus on it more than others. That said, when I finish it, it is done and I usually return to my daily/weekly routine.

Please list your past guilds and why you are no longer with them. Are you currently in a guild while applying to the Ravens? If so, why do you want to leave? Are you currently applying to any other guilds besides us? If so, who and why?
I am not currently in a guild and Ravens of War is the first and only guild I am applying to. I am applying for Ravens of War based on a recommendation from a long time player that has been very helpful with giving me advice. He implied that Ravens of War was an excellent, well-established guild of good repute that does not seek out childish drama. I am looking for a friendly group of people to play with while avoiding an excess of drama, so your guild sounded perfect.

How good of a player do you think you are? What will you do to improve your own performance, as well as your gear/stats in the future?
To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how good of a BDO player I am yet. I excelled in taking on most, if not all, of the hardest end game content in past MMOs, but those games have quite different combat than in BDO. I must continue to play and challenge myself with the plethora of content I've yet to complete to better answer this question. I'm currently bringing in several million silver a day via worker empire/fishing during the week while I work to be able to afford upgrade materials to continue to raise my AP/DP.

What's your past MMO experience like? Have you primarily PvP'ed, or PvE'ed in most of the games you've played? Would you like to share any past achievements with us?
My past MMO experience is found above. I PvP'd in WoW for a year or two before it became stale, but this was in the early years. I mostly focused on PvE taking down all (heroic when applicable) raid content from all the expansions up through 2015.

Do you have any distinguishing accomplishments so far in the world of Black Desert Online?
No. I have much to learn.

How did you find out about the Ravens of War?
Through a kind player who was good enough to talk with me for some time. After explaining what kind of experience I was looking for, he recommended 2 guilds and I chose yours. I happen to favor ravens.  Very Happy

If you have any further questions for me, or need clarification of anything I said, please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you.
Edit: Picture showing character wasn't loading, so I just hotlinked it instead!
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Membership Application!
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