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 Application - Mershay

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PostSubject: Application - Mershay   June 11th 2017, 10:41 pm

Character name: Mershay
Family name: Torkosh
(Currently) Level: 53
Class: Dark Knight
Player Age: 24

Hello! I've played a ton of MMOs over my life! WoW, Tera, Wildstar, Gw2, FFXIV, I also regularly play stuff like LoL and Overwatch (Waiting for Dauntless to come out), but I decided to give BDO another chance and I love it! I feel like the first time I started playing (when the game came out) I didn't give it enough of a chance because I've absolutely come to love the game. It has so much to do and a ton of aspects I just love. Not too mention I love the combat design most of all.

As for PvE, I've raided in mostly every MMO I've ever played. (I was #1 SpellSlinger healer in the world in Wildstar while I played) As for PvP, I've never gotten hardcore into it, but most games I've played never had pvp combat I liked. BDO has more of this combo fighter combat style that seems really fun to smash heads with other pvpers! (Specially with taking over cities and stuff!)

As for RP, I've RP'd most of my life! I don't think at this point in my life I'm really up for extensive roll dice rp anymore, but definitely light rp and rp overtones are something I love.

I can play mostly all the time as of right now, waiting for my next college semester to start.

I haven't really though much of my character's archetype other than she's got a clown persona. (I've been more focused on determining how much I like BDO.) Honestly I have all intent to keep playing, nothing in the short term is keeping me from stopping and I want to get better and learn more! I feel like having a guild to contribute to would make the came even more interesting! (Plus having some people to help answer questions would be neat too.)

So yeah! I hope this is an acceptable application!
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Application - Mershay
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