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 Between Two Worlds

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PostSubject: Between Two Worlds   June 8th 2017, 2:31 am

(This is a character history/journal type story thread and is OOC knowledge unless revealed by the character to your character ICly or your character was involved in it. This is from the character's point of view of RPed events in her life. I hoped I wouldn't have to add this to any of these...but I have had issues with people using OOC gained information ICly. This is why this has been added.

Characters are owned by the players and they are intellectual property of their players. They have been copyrighted. Do not use without permission.)
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PostSubject: Overview   June 8th 2017, 2:35 am


This is the tale of a young woman searching for the answers of who and what she is and where she came from.

* * *

Name: Teinespeirr Kara

Nickname/Formal name:

Place of Birth: Haso, Margoria

Birth Constellation: Black Dragon

Age: 19

             Father: Brandr Teinespeirr
             Mother: Hārokku Motoko

Current Place of Residence:

Ethnic / Social Background: She was raised in a lower noble Haso household as the stepdaughter of a lower Haso noble.  However not being a blood child of the man she called father, she had all the advantages with none of the promises of the future.  She has never felt completely included by her step-siblings save the eldest son of her step-father.

Political views/leanings: She is trying to find what she believes while finding out who she is.

What does she care about most in the world: Since her mother and stepfather have died, the only one she cares about his her eldest step-brother.  However, the questions she has grown up with haunt her as if they were the most important thing in her life.  Her loyalty and devotion to her step-brother is only torn by the need to know who she is; where she belongs; and why she was left behind.

Known Interests/Talents/Hobbies: She is still discovering herself.

Guild: Ravens Of War

Physical appearance:

                 Height: 5’ 6” (1.6764 m)
                 Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg)
                 Hair: Long, full body blonde
                 Eyes: Dark sapphire blue, medium depth set

Petite, yet sturdy, build with well-toned, lithe muscles mold her voluptuous, statuesque physique.  While she moves with complete control and awareness, there is the sense she is moving more like a free flowing wind or wave.  This gives the wonder of where her direction is going.  Her blood mix makes an exotic mix of both heritages within her appearance, which strengthens her character by making it obvious she doesn’t quite belong to one ethnicity, separating her from all those around her.  This makes her age hard to place.  Her dark, sapphire eyes give a questioning innocence to those who are trapped by them.  Her gaze gives some an uncomfortable feeling even in silence as it seems to question and accuse.  Her blonde hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, gifts from her father’s blood, contrast the traits her mother’s blood gave her.  However, there is the noticeable hairless, smoothness to her visible skin.  Clothing she wears hides much of her skin, most particularly her hands, which are most times covered in gloves of leather or cloth.  Rare is a glimpse of the burn scars hidden by her clothing.  Her soft voice is accented with the land of her birth as she speaks languages she learned in her schooling and quickly picks up the languages of those around her.

Excellent health, high strength and stamina. No known disabilities or handicaps she will admit to.  However, the burns caused hair to be missing from most of her body.  The fire, which caused them, also caused severe nerve damage to her hands.

Personality Type:
Kara grew up somewhat on the outside of the society around her.  Her mother’s second husband and his eldest son, Batou, worked hard to make sure she was included and received the best they could give her.  Her looks made it obvious she was not the same as everyone around her.  While she was very open and outgoing within the home, she learned to be mistrusting and cautious when outside of her family.  As she grew, her other step-siblings and half-siblings became more aware of her differences from them.  They started to exclude her from activities.  While not actually cruel in anything they said or did, it was clear that to them she didn’t belong with them.   Batou was the only one who never left her out of anything she could be involved with.  This exclusion, however, left her withdrawn and cautious of those around her as she never really feels she belongs.

Kara left most of her possessions in Haso with Batou.  The few things she did take with her were lost to the fire that scarred her body.  The few items of clothing she has are the only things she really can call her own which she has with her at this point.

Kara had the education with her siblings under her stepfather's household.  She has a gift for tongues and listening to people.  Others seem to talk in her presence like she is not there.  She has learned there are advantages to being overlooked and information is more valuable than silver and gold.

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PostSubject: Re: Between Two Worlds   June 25th 2017, 6:20 pm

“I have to leave?”

“Kara-chan,” the dark haired man looked at the girl while shooking his head. “It’s far past time. You’ve no need to stay with us anymore. Besides, you have a task only you can perform.”

“I just thought…”

“You just thought you could put it off.”

She sighed looking down at her feet. He was right. She knew it. It had always seemed to be the “one of these days you must” tasks which could be put off indefinitely. However, she knew it would not be put off forever.

She also knew he would be far too happy to let things be. However, it had been far too long put off already.

“Ani,” she said looking up at him. “May I return?”

“Kara-chan,” he smiled as he spoke “You are always welcome in my home as well as my family’s home. Surely you know this by now.”

She bowed to him respectfully. She looked around the room which had been hers since childhood. He didn’t even let her ask “Your room is your room always.”

She blushed as she met his amber eyes again bowing respectfully as she said “You are too kind Ani.”

He softly touched her face still experiencing the sense of wonder which he first had when her mother and she had joined his father’s household. He wondered how long he would still feel that wonder. He moved a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. “Now, when will you be going?”

She sighed as she spoke “I suppose I shall check on the transports in the next few days. I will have to decide what I need and how I can carry it. I do not even know where to start looking for him, save away from Margoria.”

“Let me know what you need. It will be supplied.”

She tilted her head up at him. “I’m not even sure other than clothing and foods,” she met his eyes. “What do they wear?”

“I will have to find out for you. I would think your armor would be best though, you would need other clothing as well,” he said stepping back from her. “I have some things you were left by your mother and my father for your journey..”

She looked at him and nodded. He left the room for her to start preparing. She stood looking around the room still unsure about the quest she would be leaving on and what she would need to pursue it.

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PostSubject: Re: Between Two Worlds   August 16th 2017, 11:44 pm

Three days later, she held two bags one her shoulders as she stood on the dock of Port Ratt with the crowd waiting for the boat to Port Epheria.  She had no idea where Port Epheria was or what the people were like.  Kara fidgeted a bit as she waited.  She adjusted the veil over her hair and face a couple of times.  It hid her body mostly under it until it ended below her waist into the skirt she wore.  

Batou stood behind her his hand on his blade.  He was not going to allow anyone to harm her as long as she was under his care.  He wasn’t looking forward to her stepping on the boat and leaving.  Though he knew it had to happen, he didn’t want her to go.  He knew she felt the same.  He had to make sure she had the determination to take this journey, then hopefully, return to them - to him.

The crowd started gathering their things as they saw the boat turning into the port.   She looked up at him as they moved around them.  He nodded and smiled reassuringly as he spoke “You find your father or his people.  Learn what you can, then come home to us Kara-chan.  We will be here waiting.”

They both knew her quest may not bring her back to the only home she had ever known.  Still it had to be.  He hid his own emotions to give her the strength she needed to leave.  She still stood with him as the boat stopped.  Its few passengers retreated from it before the gathered crowd moved to load onto the boat.

A man stood taking the tickets from those stepping onto the boat before they were allowed on.  Each was given a direction to go before allowed to step on.  The dock was almost empty before she moved to step on.  Batou walked with her fighting the urge to offer assistance again.  She had already made it clear she had to carry her things.  There would be no one to carry them in the future.  She needed to be able to care for herself while away from him.

They approached the ticket taker as the crowd thinned.  Workers below deck loaded goods and adjusted it for the weight of the passengers above.  Most of the passengers seemed to be gathered at the stern of the boat’s passenger compartments.  There were a few in the bow compartments, but very few.  

Batou and Kara knew those would be her companions if she chose to associate with them.  They were of Batou’s class and rank.  Kara, being his step-sister, was treated in this instance as one of them.  Still, they both knew when they looked at her they didn’t see an equal.  

She handed her ticket to the man.  He bowed deeply as he looked at it.  Marking it, he directed her to the starboard bow.  Careful to keep her face and body covered she looked back at Batou.  This would be where they parted.  He waited for her to turn and then embraced her tightly.  Softly for her ears only he whispered “You need me I am there.  You only need to ask Kara-chan.”

She nodded as she backed from their embrace then turned to move to the starboard bow passenger compartments to find one empty.  She went in setting her bags on the bed within the compartment.  She stepped back out to look at Batou from the boat’s rail.

Batou watched her moving on the boat.  He kept reminding himself she had to do this.  She needed to know who she was before she could move on with her life.  He had other thoughts, but she would never feel like she belonged anywhere.  Family and honor were very important in their world.  She only had knowledge of half of her family.  She needed to know about the other half before she could feel whole.

There was no waving or shouting between them as the boat pulled up the loading plank and made ready to leave.  Others on the railing across the starboard side were shouting and waving.  Some of them were crying while others looked excited to leave.  Kara and Batou just looked silently at each other.  They had already said everything they needed to say.  This was not meant to be a good-bye, just a temporary parting.  If it became more, they would both deal with it at the time.

The boat pulled away from the dock while Kara stood still silent watching Batou.  She didn’t move till the dock was long out of sight.  She turned and moved back to her compartment.  She sat on the bed next to her bags silently.  She was alone now.  Completely alone.

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Between Two Worlds
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