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 Power Leveling Trade Life Skill

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PostSubject: Power Leveling Trade Life Skill   January 2nd 2017, 10:22 pm

If you only have a noble wagon, do the black arrow route and start on the left.  If you have an elephant, you can level up your trade skill way faster by doing the red arrow route.  These routes are most effective with a high skilled level (Skilled 7) or Professional 1 trade skill.  Make sure you use, +2 Silver Embroidered Trade's Clothes, Elixir of Flowing Time (Can be made by mixing 3 Elixir of Time), Sute Tea.  Optional: Life Skill EXP Boost (Loyalty), and GM Blessing.

When you get to Master 2, it is important to get the Desert Trading Buff.  You can get this by following to quest-line of Peaceful Oasis  After that grab the quest Rest Area on the Barren Sand  After this quest, you are now able to grab the Desert buff from Pilgrims Sharing node in the desert and this would cost you 100 energy everytime.  HAPPY TRADING!
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Power Leveling Trade Life Skill
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