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 Bladedancer's Song

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PostSubject: Bladedancer's Song   December 1st 2016, 5:37 am

(This is a character history/journal type story thread and is OOC knowledge unless revealed by the character to your character ICly or your character was involved in it. This is from the character's point of view of RPed events in her life. I hoped I wouldn't have to add this to any of these...but I have had issues with people using OOC gained information ICly. This is why this has been added.

Characters are owned by the players and they are intellectual property of their players. They have been copyrighted. Do not use without permission.)
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PostSubject: Overview   December 1st 2016, 5:44 am


This is the tale of a woman completely in love with a man that she is willing to follow him to the ends of the world and forsake all for him and his commands.

* * *

Name: Torana Mia

Formal name: Mia Gonji

Place of Birth:

Birth Constellation: Black Dragon

Age: 17

Parents: Ganbaatar Ihe Khaan and Sarnai Khatun

Current Place of Residence:
Heidel, Serendia Dominion, Calpheon.

Ethnic / Social Background:

Political views/leanings:

What does she care about most in the world: Zesik

Known Interests/Talents/Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Playing instruments, Performer Magic, Sensual Arts

Guild: Ravens Of War

Physical appearance:

   Height: 4’ 11” (1.50m)
   Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg)
   Hair: Long and wavy, Black, so black it almost looks violet-blue in certain light
   Eyes: Violet, medium depth set

Voluptuous yet petite build with well-toned muscles.  She moves gracefully like the dancer she is whether performing or using her blades.  She has complete control of her body and how it moves at all times.  There is little she gives away with her body movements.  She looks younger than she actually is by one or two years.  Her eyes almost seem empty at times and give nothing away of her thoughts or emotions unless she is looking at Zesik, at that time they are full of love and complete devotion.  They watch carefully every movement of those around her as she reads every movement made.  She speaks softly in an accented voice which struggles with the local languages.  However, she speaks her native tongue fluently though even with it her voice stays soft but is almost like music even when she is not singing.  Her body is devoid of hair save on her head and eyebrows, as she keeps it so on purpose.  There are no scars or flaws on her body which are visible.

Excellent health, high strength and stamina. No known disabilities.

Personality Type:
Artistic and creative, she often sees things in away others cannot.  She seems to think and move with an unseen music.  She makes light of her own accomplishments.  She defers to Zesik in most things for what he wishes.  She is easily frustrated with communication at times.  She seems only to trust Zesik completely, but is open to trusting others when they earn it.  While she seems to be flirtatious when on stage performing, she keeps herself close to the chest.  She will do anything Zesik asks of her.

Mia has a favorite horse she seems to understand and communicate with.  Her clothing, both armor and performance outfits, are prized by her.  She likes to surround herself and Zesik with beautiful things but simple and useful at the same time.

Mia speaks her native language fluently, but struggles with other languages.  She can understand, write, and read them, but speaking seems to cause frustration.  She was obviously trained and educated well in her homeland.  She has the bearings of nobility and breeding even if it is from the Far Eastern lands.  She is well trained with swords, spears and other weapons.  She is also a well trained performer of music in many forms.  There are also other skills she has which are known only to a few.

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PostSubject: Re: Bladedancer's Song   December 18th 2016, 11:52 pm

As she came down the ivory hallway, no one passed her.  She was almost to the training area when she heard voices.  Male voices.  Men weren’t allowed in this area.  They were forbidden from getting this close to the harem.  She was one of the few who were allowed to move between the harem and the main palace.  She was allowed in this outer area, but not further without her father’s permission.  The curtains and veils kept all who walked in this section hidden. There was little that was kept from her so her curiosity was piqued.

She slipped closer to the curtains which separated the main palace from this interspace.  She moved to the marble pillar and leaned against it.  She carefully moved her hand as she listened to the voices on the other side.  One was her father. She knew his voice probably better than any other male’s voice she had ever heard.  He had never hidden himself from his children.  Unlike other Ihe Khaan, he delighted in his children and took time out of his day to spend with each one.

Her hand moved slowly through the veils and curtain.  The golden rings on her fingers held the veils covering her arms and connecting to the rest of her dress softly rang out as her hand moved through the veils and curtains to separate them enough she could see out to the outer room.  There were two other male voices.  One was an older male.  He spoke with strength and dignity which often came from the noble houses.  She wasn’t sure however if it was one she knew or one of the many she had no more than a name to identify.

“The celebration of Mia Gonji’s betrothal should be one of the joining of royal houses.  This is why I beg you to reconsider this petition to allow her to be wed to a meer Taiji.  She should be wed to no less than a Jinong.  I cannot advise my dear Ihe Khann otherwise.” the older male continued as she focused on the conversation “Not only for the state of the Empire, but for her own happiness.  Would you wish to have her pushed aside for a lesser?”

A younger voice spoke up “I’m sure the great Ihe Khann doesn’t wish his daughter to be anything less than her mother.  Yet, these are progressive times.  One could argue her happiness would be better served by allowing her to chose her own mate, or even more barbaric as to have a galla with the eligible consorts for her her hand to meet and woo her in hopes you would approve one of them.”

There was a growl from her father as the comment clearly made his anger flare at the two men.  She moved to see the men.  She could see her father’s profile as he looked at the two men with their backs to her which she presumed had been the previous speakers as their body language made it clear they knew they were close to offending their sovereign lord.

Both were shorter than the man whose face she could almost see clearly as he faced her father.  It was his voice which now entered the conversation.  “While I must agree the Gonji is worth more than a mere Taiji.  There were other proposals before you.  Are you saying the Jinong of a sitting Khann is not appropriate for the Gonji?  Would you rather submit her to your barbaric suggestions which would most assuredly break the protection and traditions of the Empire.  She is to be honored, not shamed with the choice of a lesser mate or of being paraded out for those with mostly dishonorable intentions to see before they bid and barter for her hand.  I cannot see her nor your Ihe Khann accepting these proposals.”

She couldn’t help, but grin under her veil.  She liked how he spoke and the tones of the words of their ancient and native tongue moved to her ears.  She didn’t know his face.  She wondered who this man speaking so boldly to her father and his advisors was.  His voice was not familiar, but it had the air of her father’s voice.  As she studied his face, her father paced a moment between the three of them.

For a brief moment, her violet eyes met his.  She swallowed quickly unsure if he actually could see her hidden behind the veils barely parted for her to see the four men.  When he gave her a small slight grin, she drew back from the veils and curtains hiding herself completely.  He had seen her.  If her father knew, depending on the man’s status and his own mood, he would imprison the man or kill him outright.  She may never know who the mysterious man who had defended her was.  She hurried from the column down to the chamber where her blade mistress waited her.

“You’re late Gonji,” the woman said without turning to look at her.  “What dalliance shall I tell your father kept you from  your lesson today?”

“Nothing Behi,” she said a bit breathless from her run.  “I was just slow to leave.”

The woman turned to study the girl as she spoke “You heard something you shouldn’t have.”

Her eyes shot to the other woman’s as if she’d been caught.  “I ...I was curious,” she started but was stopped by the hand raised towards her.

“Those matters are those of men.  They do not concern me or you.  We have no need to know of their discussions,” the blade mistress said sharply.  “It is not part of our world.  The ancestors guide them in matters concerning us and others.  Now get your blade once you have changed appropriately.”

She wanted to protest.  It was her concern.  It was her future they were discussing.  However, her words were not welcome.  Nothing she said would be met with anything other than disapproval.  She nodded and bowed respectfully then moved to a bamboo cubicle to change out of her dress for the lesson.

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PostSubject: Re: Bladedancer's Song   February 19th 2017, 11:37 am

Mia turned her head at the sound while sitting on the ground in the perimeter garden.  She was creating floral head pieces for the night’s dancing.  Her hand moved to her blade to defend herself if needed.  As the man she’d seen speaking with her father stepped out from behind some floral bushes.  “I mean you no harm, Gonji,” he bowed his head as he spoke their native tongue.  “I wish only to know of your well-being.”

She was relieved for her veils and wraps which hid her blushing face from his eyes.  “It is forbidden for uninitiated and unattended males to attend in these parts of the palace,” she said softly in her native language as her violet eyes first met his then moved downward.  “I may not speak more unto you.”

“Is it also forbidden to give the honorable Gonji honor in greetings?”

She shook her head slightly.  “I cannot speak more with you,” she said as she gathered the work she had been working on and started to stand to leave.

“I saw you watching us the other day,” he said stepping closer.

Without raising her head and continuing to keep her eyes from looking up at him, she looked him over.  He was tall and muscular.  The noble lines of his face etched his breeding and hinted at his ancestry.  Her heart suddenly hoped he had been offering himself in the marriage negotiations.  Her mind slipped into a vision of the two of them embraced and slowly kissing him.  The vision was so full and vivid she could feel his body against her.  Shaking her head, she forced herself out of the vision as her blushed burned down her body.  “Sir, you are mistaken,” she said softly bowing her head so he couldn’t see her eyes or skin.  “I’ve not met you before.”

“No we’ve not met in this lifetime Gonji,” he said stepping a bit closer making sure not to touch her.  “However, our eyes have met.”

“You are mistaken.  I must go.” she returned not giving him the look she felt he wanted.

“I will ask once more,” he said “I wish only to know you are well and happy.”

“Please, it is forbidden.  My father would…”

“If it wasn’t, would you give me a soft look?”

Her resolve melted for a moment as her eyes slowly lifted to look at him.  “Eyes met as souls with unexpected commerce.  While the restrictions of the physical contain the power of honor, happiness is sometimes found or lost between them,” the words fell out of her mouth without her thinking.  She was usually able to resist such words escaping, but this time she was unable to.

There was a smile that played on his lips as their eyes met for the brief moment of her words.  “I will let you go Gonji, for now.  We shall meet again.  This I promise.”

She looked at him without letting her eyes meet his as she looked at his chest.  Again the sensation of being against him intimately filled her mind.  She shook her head and ran deeper into the harem.  She should not have talked to him.  She should not have looked at him.  Yet, her whole soul told her she had not sinned though even their short interaction was forbidden by her father.  

She leaned against the wall when she finally reached one she felt no eyes on her again.  For the brief moment, she was alone she let the fullness of the vision take her.  His body and hers embracing each other as they kissed deeply and passionately.  Perhaps it never would be an actuality, but she would have that moment he may never know of.  

Too soon solitude was over and she was shuffled into tasks and lessons. Yet, her soul remembered his.

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PostSubject: Re: Bladedancer's Song   

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Bladedancer's Song
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