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 Ravens: The First Outfit

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PostSubject: Ravens: The First Outfit   November 30th 2016, 9:39 pm

Konrad sat in the tavern alone and drank vodka. Slowly, solemnly. He remembered how it all began.

* * *

Two years ago...

The woman he rescued in the desert was called Claire. That's one thing he got from her, a name.
She whispered it, a single word: Claire.
And Claire was dying. They trekked across the desert, and despite his best efforts to keep her dehydrated form alive, he was no medic and she wouldn't last long. She seemed living enough, but always only half conscious, feverish, didn't eat much, and he had to force her to drink.

There was something with her too. Something evil, something dark, magical. Her veins darkened every day and her tendons seemed more protruded as her muscles thinned and her flesh dried up. Her eyes were getting closer to red and black with every day, bleeding the colors. Ghastly.

Insects that landed on her, died.

When Konrad touched her, he nearly passed out.
There was something wrong with her.
He needed to find Cain.

* * *

They journeyed for two more weeks.

The tracking trinket lead them to the village of Florin. There, in a comfortable, well furnished home, surrounded by animal friends and a quiet sense of a luxurious seclusion, lived Cain Freemont, a rogue mage.

Cain owed Knox one. And he agreed to help.

It was an unexpected visit, but one that would change both of their lives.

* * *

Claire recovered within a month under Cain's careful supervision. Konrad would go out to pick plants and hunt down necessary creatures for animal ingredients of the multitude of potions and spells the wizard would cast to untie the knot of black magic upon the woman and diagnose her condition.

They expected her to bolt as soon as she could walk, but she did not. She stayed, and helped silently for a while. And when she restored ability to speak, she told her story.

* * *

Ah, that fateful campfire that started it all. One day Konrad was crossing through the forest on a several days' hunt, and separated from camp. Cain and Claire did not expect him back for another four nights, and he'd a chance to do some scouting. The game was scarce and the stomach grumbled. When suddenly, he heard a bear growling.

Chasing the noise, he stumbled upon the campfire of adventurers.

That's how he first met Sigilor, a wandering mercenary, and a faithful friend to be.

Sigi, a merry cutthroat, a lecherous bastard, and a fighter from hell! Good old Sigi became Konrad's first sergeant. From that day, wherever Konrad went, Sigilor went.

An idea was born to form a sellsword gang. Just a gang back then.

* * *

Glish. That's where it all officially began. Konrad, Cain, and Sigilor had hit the tavern, looking for talent and posted an advertisement. Producing a few peculiar volunteers. Because, volunteers were all they'd be back then. The crew had no money, so they'd have to plunder or work for the coin to make supper.

Ayel Bashyre - a deadly lady archer. In every trial, they've never seen her miss. Quiet and reserved, Ayel rarely engaged in conversation, but was always there when needed.

Lunaer Vorfreude - a chipper witch with a gnarly boisterous attitude, that one took no crap from anyone.

Arvek Cydonia - a blacksmith and horse master. His talents were needed badly to mend the bent armor.

Maeldes - a mentally damaged sorceress of considerable kinetic power. She sought help restoring her shattered memories, and was willing to aid Konrad in return for any kind of assistance he can give in recovering her mind.

Ake Karlsson - an enormous Viking, a seafaring giant, obsessed with the sea and fond of boats.

* * *

There, in Cain's house in Florin, Konrad first imparted upon the gang his story and the lore of the Raven. A crest was drafted and a decision made to apply for a charter with Lord Crucio, to earn a right to be hired legally. To start making a name in the world.

But first, Konrad would have to take a trip to Calpheon to meet with the Syndicate, while the gang worked on constructing the base headquarters and preparing gear.

Konrad should have never went to Calpheon for a prolonged stay without the gang.

A betrayal awaited here. Without Arvek's tender loving care for the armor, Konrad had to use the help of local Calpheonean blacksmiths. One of them was paid off to fail.
The meet with the Syndicate was a set up, resulting in confrontation against five assassins. Konrad killed all five, but was severely wounded, which would have certainly been lethal, if it were not for Ireul Halifax.

Ireul was wanted for witchcraft and conducting illegal experiments.

Pulling Konrad out of the grave earned her a position offer to become the crew's medic. She accepted.

* * *

Memories... how many more?...

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Ravens: The First Outfit
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