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 Application- Riv

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PostSubject: Application- Riv   November 4th 2016, 5:25 pm

Heya! I'm Riv. I found you guys while sifting through the various guilds on the boards. I've read through some of what your guild is about and I'm interested in joining.

My IGN is Rivvell, Family name Rivilla. I am 21 years old
I play Ranger
I'm currently level 56
I can use Discord
My time Zone is Eastern Standard Time
I wouldn't say I'm very good at the game right now. I most certainly would like to be. I really would like to better myself on this game.
I was with NightWatch for less than a day. They're a well built community but their community wasn't the one for me. I was guildless before that and I am currently guildless now.
My past MMO experiences have consisted of Elsword(Mained Night Watcher and Wind Sneaker), TERA(Mained Slayer), Eden Eternal (For a short amount of time), Blade and Soul (Mained Assassin), and currently Black Desert playing Ranger.

The hours I play depend on my schedule, but I can be flexible. Generally I can be on for a good amount of time.
I'm interested in all types of pvp, but the main types I enjoy are arena and Open World pvp. I have yet to participate in a Node War, but I am interested in them. I would like to say that I need improvement on combos as a Ranger. I need guidance what I should be doing, especially with my awakening.
Currently, I am busy with a few things, but I will be able to consistently login after this weekend.

I hope you guys can consider me, I am definitely interested!
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Application- Riv
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