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 Black Magic Crystals Drops

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PostSubject: Black Magic Crystals Drops   October 28th 2016, 9:19 pm

Black Magic Crystal Drops

Adamantine --- Crescent
Agility --- Bashim
Armor --- Puturum/Ordnance/Tombback Crabs
Ascention --- Harpy
Assault --- Basilisk
Falling --- Karanda
Intimidation --- Bandit/Volcano
Memory --- Centaur
Precision (G) --- Bashim/Fogan
Precision (W) --- Bashim/Fogan
Sturdiness --- Bashim/Stone Waragon/ Laytenn
Swiftness --- Naga
Valor --- Cadry
Vigor --- Stone Mountain Turtle Dragon / Aakman Temple
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Black Magic Crystals Drops
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