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 The Duke's Daughter

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PostSubject: The Duke's Daughter   October 14th 2016, 1:10 am

(This is a character history/journal type story thread and is OOC knowledge unless revealed by the character to your character ICly or your character was involved in it. This is from the character's point of view of RPed events in her life. I hoped I wouldn't have to add this to any of these...but I have had issues with people using OOC gained information ICly. This is why this has been added.

Characters are owned by the players and they are intellectual property of their players. They have been copyrighted. Do not use without permission.)
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PostSubject: Overview   October 14th 2016, 1:34 am


This is not the tale of a pious Valkyrie worshiping Ellion and loyal to Calpheon.  This is the simple story of a Duke’s daughter searching for her half-brother and facing the prospect he is dead like the rest of their family.  This is the tale of a life searching for a future while walking away from all she was taught and trying to find a path to a future with meaning and purpose.

* * *

Name: Kianette Deirdra Praxon

Nickname: Kia

Place of Birth: H’Zeatz-Praxon Manor, H’Zeatz Village, Serendia Dominion, Calpheon.

Birth Constellation: Black Dragon

Age: 22

Parents: Duke Camulus Praxon and Duchess Nia H’Zeatz Praxon,
               Step-Mother: Duchess Arletta Maris Praxon

Living siblings:
              Brother: Duke Domaj Praxon

Current Place of Residence:
Heidel, Serendia Dominion, Calpheon.

Ethnic / Social Background:
Serendia/Heidel Nobility - youngest daughter of a Duke of Heidel.

Political views/leanings:
Heidel then Serendia, though she could be persuaded to other allegiances if the argument is conveniencing enough; because she feels partially betrayed by both Serendia and Heidel.

What does she care about most in the world:

Her Family and those she sees as family or friends.

Known Interests/Talents/Hobbies:
History, battle techniques, reading.  She has others but tends to keep them to herself for the most part.

Guild: Ravens Of War

Physical appearance:

              Height: 5’7” (1.7018m)
              Weight: 120 lbs (54.43108 kg)
              Hair: Blonde, long wavy
              Eyes: Deep-set emerald green, expressionless

Medium build with well-toned muscles.  She is built almost like a ballerina, only with a much more voluptuous forum.  She has long legs which seem to go on forever.  Her youth is evident in her innocent looking face and soft features hiding an intelligent, calculating, and contemplative mind.  Her stance and demeanor is evidence of her years of Valkyrie training and fighting at the Holy College in Calpheon’s capital.  In all her movements, she has the grace of a ballerina and stealth of a hunting panther.  Her voice is soft, but clear and authoritative when she speaks.  She uses few words to convey her thoughts when she chooses to share them; however, she can be more articulate when needed or when the mood suits her.

For a young woman just above her majority, she looks a few years younger.  Her body has little indication of the battles she has fought in.  Her deep emerald eyes look cold most of the time as she hides her emotions deeply.  Yet, they take in everything around her.  Her blonde hair almost always seems to be in disarray when she is in battle or working on something intently; otherwise she keeps it styled and neat in many different hair styles.

She appears to have little exposure to the battles which she was sent out to fight and the training she experienced.  Her armor shows little sign of wear as if she has several sets and uses them while the damaged armor was expertly repaired.  She works to keep herself clean and presentable between any battles she partakes of.  She’s used to the life of a noble, but knows the hard life of a Valkyrie and a fighter.


Excellent health, high strength and stamina. No known disabilities.

Personality Type:
Introverted to a point, her distance from others is usually mistaken for the snobbery of the nobility and piousness of a Valkyrie.  However, Those who take the time to know her are aware while she does have an air of nobility and propriety about her in manners, her personality is grounded.  She has no problem getting her hands dirty, because “dirt washes off and makes you feel you accomplished something.”  While she shows little emotion, her actions speak to her caring and determination to protect those she cares for.  She may not be involved with the Valkyries officially anymore, but she obviously holds proudly to the tenants of  righteousness, grace of movement, integrity, setting a good example, devotion and sacrifice.  However, it is not clear completely where her service is directed towards.

Kia left her mother’s manor with very little in the way of possessions.  In her Heidel home, she has started to gather a bit.  Most of what she has is books, armor and weapons.  She is working on furnishing the home, but has taken to doing missions as needed to support Heidel’s needs.
She brought a wrapped package with her, which sits secured in a dresser drawer in her bedroom with a letter on top.  There it will stay until she finds the one it is for.
She brought her horse from the Manor with her.
Other items, which are never far from her are hidden within her armor including a necklace, which has hangs down under her chest peice hiding a locket and ring there.

Educated by tutors until the age of 15 when she was sent Holy College in Calpheon’s capital to become a Valkyrie.  She was taught etiquette, courtly manners, and other matters of state and nobility as she aged before she left.  She had completed her training and had been given her first assignment when she learned of her father’s death defending Heidel from Calpheon.  She left without resigning, but also without looking back.  
Her family needed her.  Calpheon had betrayed her.  She knew where she belonged.

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PostSubject: The Duke's Daughter   October 14th 2016, 11:26 am

“Looks like this is everything,” the magistrate said handing the bundle over to Kianette.  “I’m so sorry for your loss.  This community will always welcome you if you wish to return, but we know it is your wish to leave us for now.”

She took the bundle and looked at it while he spoke.  She stood still for a moment as she swallowed her grief.  This wasn’t the time for it.  She could do that when she was alone.  “Thank you sir,” she said steadily “If the path brings me back, I will take you up for that.”

The small collection of village elders stood looking at her.  As the magistrate spoke again “You’re mother had this land and house completely under her ownership.  Now that falls to you.  You own this now.  We will be your caretakers for it till you return.  If there comes a time you know you will not return, you can contact us.  We will sell it for you then send you the proceeds.”

The young woman nodded slowly.  She was still numb.  It had been a week since her mother and siblings had been killed by bandits.  Much of the valuables in the house had been stolen.  The family had been massacred.  The only things of value the family had remaining were items which were not in the house.  It had been two days since she had stood while they buried her family.  The bundle was the last thing of value for her to claim, and it wasn’t even for her.

“Thank you Magistrate,” she said still fighting to keep her voice steady.  The village elders filed out of the small living room and through the door to the outside.  Kianette stood there holding the bundle without moving.  Fifteen minutes passed as she just stood there.  Finally she looked down at the bundle.

Sitting on one of the couches, she set it on her lap and looked at the note written over it.  The words meant nothing at first.  The handwriting was her father’s.  It was one of the rare pieces she had seen.  It wasn’t that he didn’t write.  He must have, but Kianette rarely saw it.  There was little she had seen before he died.  He had little need to write to her or anything for her.  Now, she wished he had sent her at least one letter.  His words would be something she would love to read now.  Something that she had of him just for her.  She moved her hand over the letters of her half-brother’s name in her father’s hand.

Finally she slipped her hand through the seal, if her half-brother was dead she was the only one who would read these words.  She took a deep breath as she read and the words echoed in her father’s voice in her head:

Quote :

“My son, Domaj,

If you are holding this my son, I’m gone and so are your mothers.  Arletta, your mother, was the love of my life.  She gave me two strong boys and three girls.  Nia, your second mother, filled my heart where Arletta left off.  Her son and daughters completed the family.  Between the two of them, I had more love than any man could ask for.  I know you children understood my feelings for both for your mothers.  I want you to know my love for both was unending.

It is also possible all of your siblings or part of your siblings are gone as well.  If not, then you need to find them.  They need to know you are head of the family now.  The younger children will need your protection and guidance.  The older will need your strength.

Domaj, you made me prouder than I ever imagined.  I want you to know how proud I am of you.  You have more than accomplished the hopes and dreams I had for you.  Now, I need you to help your siblings to survive and succeed.  I know you are the right choice for my heir and the head of our family.  Survive and thrive.  Be strong.  Be honorable.

Your Father,
Duke Camulus Praxon”

She closed the letter realizing it was in her care with the purpose of making sure it made its way to her brother.  She hadn’t seen Domaj in years.  He went off to be trained the spring after the last time she saw him.  The families had been together for a short time in the summer.  She sighed.  She didn’t even know where to look for him.  When she found him what then.  Would she come back house?  Did she want to come back to it?  It made little sense not to and letting it go was unimaginable.  


It could wait till morning, as could her other preparations.  For now, she set the package on the end table with the note pressed closed.  She started moving through the house locking up the exterior first then the interior slowly sealing rooms off of the dead.  Casting the house into a cold silent darkness.

Finally she moved back to the kitchen and fixed herself something to eat.  She forced herself to eat.  She had no appetite.  She hadn’t for days.  She found herself in her own rooms sitting on the settee the package and letter now on her table next to it as she picked her meal.  At some point, she fell asleep the plate falling mostly untouched to the floor below.

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PostSubject: Re: The Duke's Daughter   May 7th 2017, 11:54 am

Kia spent the next few days readying for her trip to hunt for her brother.  While it seemed to others in the town she was just delaying her trip, she gave extra orders for additional troops to be trained and posted around the village and the manor.  She made arrangements for those who had been victims of the bandits previously to be cared for.  Finally, she promoted her second in command so he had the authority to command in her absence.  

Many of the villagers were already treating her as if she was the new protector and lady of the manor.  Kia hated the way they bowed to her, but she knew she had to accept it for the time being.  If Domaj was dead, she would find that out and return to care for these people in the role they now gave her.  If not, she would deliver her father’s package to him and swear her fealty to him as was her place.  She would be under his command and be subservient to him for the rest of her life.  She secretly hoped he was alive.  She had no wish to be the one in power.  

She had no problem standing in for him, but she didn’t want his position.  She had made sure the village troops were organized and trained under her mothers’ rule.  It had been only circumstance which had left the manor unprotected, though the event still bothered her.  She had no idea how the bandits got through the village to the manor with the troops in place.  

She knew it was something she might never know, but she wanted answers.  She thought Domaj would want answers too.  Without telling any of her other troops, she charged her new commander with the task of investigating the breach of security which had caused the manor’s attack.  Part of her suspected someone orchestrated the attack.  Someone who knew her defense plans - someone on the inside.  She said nothing of this to him.  She wanted him to be unbiased in his investigation.

With all this in place, she finally left the village.  She arrived in Heidel after a little more than two months had passed.  It wasn’t the distance which delayed her arrival.  She stopped and searched for her brother as she travelled through Serendia.  When she made it to Heidel, she went to the family’s representative.  He was determined she was the only heir alive.  He kept giving her the title she didn’t feel was hers.  She disagreed with him repeatedly.  There was no proof Domaj was dead.  Without proof, she was still hopeful.

She started to make herself secure and comfortable in the housing she secured for herself.  The family representative was vexed she refused to use the family’s holdings in Heidel.  Kia insisted those should be for Domaj, not for her.  She let her main goal slip for a while as she set up her own housing.  The house she bought was little more than a skeleton of what she was used to.  She had barely furnished it.  She made it work for her needs at this time.  She had done little to change her wardrobe of armor which was all she had brought from the manor with her.  Perhaps it was fortuitous.  She had gotten used to it over the time of her training.   For her, it was functional as well as comfortable.    

There was news from Calpheon which found her several weeks after she arrived in Heidel.  They wanted her to return to her place in the ranks.  She burned the letter of command.  They wouldn’t be happy with her not responding.  She had left her duty for longer than they had approved.  They knew of her families’ loss and had given allowances for it.  However, their allowances were over.  They wanted her at her assigned post.  

She suspected they thought she would return when her family had be buried or the estate was settled.  Under the impression there was another to lead the family and their responsibilities, it was generally believed those who entered the valkyrie ranks would not inherit.  She knew they would either hunt for her or send someone to take her resignation.  A resignation would strip her of all rank and status within Calpheon at the minimum.  She no longer cared though, Calpheon had done nothing for her family; yet had cost the life of her father even while planning to take hers.  She had learned of the plans of the Elion Priesthood just before she had left.  She had hardly even thought of it till now.

She let her own safety hold her focus as she ignored the Holy College, when that was done it would be time to continue the search for her brother.  The Holy College was the last concern on her mind.  Yet, Domaj wasn’t far from her mind, but she was not searching for him actively.  

She knew her brother had trained as a warrior.  She kept her ears open for news of possible battles and skirmishes which Domaj may be involved in.  She had no idea what unit or faction he would be fighting with.  She supposed he would be well beyond the level of an immature foot soldier to have developed into a mature warrior.  She was allowed to scan reports of battles which the Heidel commanders had reports on.  None of them recorded any news about any warrior matching her memories of Domaj.

It had been eight months since she had arrived in Heidel when she heard rumors of a battle the Order of Elion Shield was fighting at Fort Holden.  She knew where the battle was being held.  She didn’t believe Domaj would work for the Order, but did think if he needed funds or felt it was a just fight he might be involved.  She headed to Fort Holden after making she if she needed to fight she could.  She didn’t plan on joining any fighting, but she knew how battles went.

It took her two weeks to make her way to Fort Holden on foot.  She had not taken her horse on purpose.  When she arrived at Fort Holden the battle was full blown.  She stood just outside the area of the battle at Fort Holden.  She let her eyes move over the warriors.  She looked for faces, body size, and style of battle.  She had hope building up as more moved out of the fort into the battle, but it was soon to be dashed as she found no sign of her brother.

No one she spoke to had seen him or remembered ever seeing him.  She was disheartened as she moved back from their lines to head back to Heidel.

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The Duke's Daughter
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