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 PvP Protocols

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PostSubject: PvP Protocols   September 26th 2016, 1:25 am

Ravens of War Guild Mission and Grinding PVP Policy

Guild Missions PvP

Grinding and missions are serious business in Black Desert Online. People will and do flag and declare war over grinding spots, and often without word of warning. Please review the following protocol for personal conduct and defending grind locations.  

If someone is already at a spot doing a mission, please give them space to do their grind or mission. If we are doing a mission and someone barges in, politely tell them we’re on a mission.

I'm doing a guild mission, and I was polite, but the bad guys won't move and keep killing us! What do I do?

1. Get in Discord. Communicate. If you are not communicating, people don't feel like helping you!
2. Call in the entire guild, both in voice and in guild chat. Use caps if need to. State the channel and the situation, how many enemies, what guild.
3. Fight for the spot in a polite respectful manner and await reinforcements.
4. Do not Karma Bomb. (Don't ignore the enemy while continuing with the mobs. Focus on enemy first)

I did all these steps, but help is still not coming!

If no help is available, and you cannot win the fight, snipe the monsters outside rotation, or drop the guild mission and take another, or switch channels. Not all fights can be won and not all fights have to be won. Leaving the spot to give way to a superior opponent is within proper etiquette and does not make us look bad. There is no shame in withdrawing from superior PvPers after giving it a good honest effort. Admitting defeat is not penalized.

I am a decently geared PvPer doing my own thing, and a guildie on a guild mission calls in with a distress call, but they are so far far away and I am so so busy with some sweet RPs or world boss, or something else. What do I do?

If you can drop it, drop it. If you are RPing, RP the distress call, tell your partners that a bird arrived on your shoulder calling you in for an emergency. That will never make you look bad in the eyes of partners, and give you an air of importance as a mercenary in a scene.

If you are doing world boss, exercise judgment, if the boss is almost dead, kill it. If it just started, come help the people in need of help. Remember that how you treat others, so they will treat you.
Guild missions make us all stronger, everyone benefits from it. Doing them is important, because everyone gets the buffs from them, and it makes us a more popular guild, which allows us to recruit stronger people. Backing each other up should not be done under the fear of the leadership's whip, but should come from within. Please try to cultivate this intrinsic willingness in yourself.

Basic grinding (not guild mission).

Holding a spot.

Minimum courtesy requirements for holding a grinding spot: ‘Holding A Spot’ should be done in a polite and civil manner.

1. Ask the person politely to pick another spot.

2. You may flag with understanding that you may lose. Do not attack or chase a person, unless they enter your rotation.

Taking over another’s spot.

1. Check another channel. (optional)

2. Ask the person to join party or move to a different spot, politely.

3. If met with refusal, start out-farming a person and wait til they flag or leave; then fight.

4. If the person leaves or dies, treat the spot as yours. (Return to “Holding a spot” protocol)

Group conduct.

If you or your group are at a spot and someone comes in, politely ask them to move to a different spot. Or, if grinding, offer them a spot if one is available.

Should PVP flagging happen, defend the spot and defend your guild mates. Should a war declaration come through, please give a heads-up in guild chat and/or discord so that our PVE and casual members can swap channels and scatter as necessary, and our PVPers can prepare.  

Please do not send nasty tells or engage in any shit-talking—even if they start it. Adopt a professional attitude, and speak with your actions, rather than words. Let us be the bigger guild, and handle ourselves with grace. We’ve a reputation to uphold.

Please screenshot any and all conversation that leads up to a PVP flag or a war declaration, and send the screenshots to Konrad Knox. He will handle the situation with diplomacy.

Karma Bombing.

Karma Bombing is a griefing mechanic where you persist farming at a spot despite being killed by a superior guild. Karma Bombing is against etiquette and will always result in a war declaration from the other guild. Thus, Ravens of War protocol frowns upon karma bombing, unless you have a ghillie suit on, preventing easy declaration.

If you are contested for a spot, negotiations fail, PvP ensues, and you get killed, if you intend to come back, do come in flagged and focus on removing competition first, not just taking their mobs.

This applies to you if your name is well known and especially if you are not ghillied up. If you are not known and you have a ghillie, karma bombing is acceptable in certain situations (enemy guild is weak and is a non factor), but you do have to understand that you are griefing.

Karma bombing guilds who stand above us on the guild ranking is against our policy!
Check the guild ranking by pressing ESC - Guild ranking.

I saw some guild, but I don't know if they're above us or below us or if they're strong! How can I tell?

Still confused?

Hit ESC - Push this button.

Look at the guild name, look at our guild name. Where they stand, how many nodes they hold.

A guild with 22 people holding 2 nodes? Probably active and strong. A guild with 99 people on page 1? Definitely strong. A guild on page 7 and below with no nodes - not so strong.

I'm following the protocol, but I am being karma bombed!

War Dec Protocol

Try to switch channel. If no channel is free, pick the weakest contesting guild.

Check if the guild is in the top ranking.

If they are below us in power, you may declare war, but you must report this in guild chat and in Discord main channel, with @everyone tag. You must undeclare when you are done grinding for the day.

If they are above us in power, judge the situation responsibly: you must report first in guild chat and Discord and get approval of the peers before declaring. Undeclare when you are done grinding for the day. Remember, that a powerful guild will kill everything red. Your two guys contesting at pirates may mean 70 members camping your guildmates on the mainland roads.
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PvP Protocols
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