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 RoW Contract

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PostSubject: RoW Contract   September 21st 2016, 1:57 pm

In Konrad's bag there are 100 blank copies of this parchment as he is always ready to recruit. Copies of signed contracts are also in his office. Along with the raven badge, each employee receives such a contract and signs it, to keep a signed copy on them during times of duty.

This contract is between ____ and Konrad Darian Knox, son of Oliver Knox, Captain of Ravens of War free mercenary company, licensed, registered, bonded, all permits in good standing, under Heidel Magistrate, signed into authorization by Lord Crucio Domongatt. According to this contract, ____ agrees to provide their skills, talents, and services to Ravens of War as assigned in the line of duty for a salary assigned in the ledger.
This contract testifies that ____ is on duty for the RoW Company and grants the holder of the contract a license to take action, including lethal action, as assigned, within Serendia, Balenos, and (to a limited extent) Calpheon territory without approval of an official below a rank of captain, and full operating license outside those territories.
Should ____ come deceased in the line of duty, funeral expenses and transportation of remains will be covered by the Company funds.

Signed, ____
Signed, Cpt. Konrad Darian Knox.
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RoW Contract
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