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 Valencia Storyline Part 2

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PostSubject: Valencia Storyline Part 2   September 1st 2016, 8:52 pm

To be ready for the continuation of your adventure in Valencia, please remember to bring the following with you:

1)   3M in gold bars
2)   1M in silvers
3)   5 beers
4)   50 - 100 shovels (or u can buy these at the stable guy)
5)   Tents
6)   Purified water and star anise tea

You will be doing a boatload of running around, finding people and digging. Only mobs you need to kill is north of Val, Roud Sulphur Works and in Titanium Valley.  If you have not activated your compass, this is a good time to do so becos the ppl you are looking for (3 in particular) are in the middle of the desert.

For the Golden Coin quest, you dig in the top right quadrant of the area, close to the border:

At the very end, after you've chosen which ring you want, you will also get 2 ancient iron coins as rewards.  DO NOT sell those.  There will be a Spirit quest, telling you to give those coins to 2 different ppl - that will end Val Part 2.
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Valencia Storyline Part 2
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