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PostSubject: Guild Roster   July 14th 2016, 6:28 pm

Ravens Of War



The band's sovereign leader, the captain forms the band's direction. Holds the deciding vote in even disputes.


In captain's absence, the lieutenants act in captain's stead as judges and overlords. Revered advisors and chief officers.
Knowledgeable and dedicated. Serve as warlords in combat.

Man-at-Arms / Mercenary

Soldiers, sellswords, mercenaries, the core of the band.
Any recruit who has shown staying power, loyalty, and dedication to getting better at combat, is promoted to man-at-arms. The primary fighting core force of the band.
Men-at-arms may recommend potential recruits and distinguished recruits for promotion. Men-at-Arms report to their sergeants.


A member of the band who has proven themselves dedicated, but does not wish to partake in combat, instead contributing their workers and resources to construction of node forts. Builders can be crafters or researchers, or simply civilians under the band's protection.


The starting rank or any man or woman who shows interest and is accepted in. Recruits strive to prove themselves in their field, and, unless they screw up too badly, get promoted to either Specialists or Men-at-arms.


<~--{[Ravens of War]}--~>

29 Members


Konrad Knox (Captain)


Cain Freemont (Lieutenant)


Maridius Lowenhardt (Mercenary)
Troubling Cactus (Mercenary)
Aruvin Skerra (Sergeant)
Sigilor Roussai (Sergeant)
Ake Karlsson (Viking)
Naru Tinu Arnithka (Mercenary)
Ceesli Vassili (Mercenary)
Ireul Halifax (Mercenary)
Chiriya Denuo (Mercenary)
Obeldorf Warlow (Mercenary)
Truli Sapphiremoon (Mercenary)
Degail Belstrad (Mercenary)
Lyanea Dalenthyr (Mercenary)
Elenwea Penumbre (Mercenary)


Maridius Lowenhardt (Builder Specialist)
Mailea Windamere (Builder Specialist)
Eyring Berthollet (Builder Specialist)
Claire Janatris (Specialist - Classified)
Aglya Mailkir (Builder Specialist)


Luxeria HikariLuna (recruit)
Chi (recruit)
Hachu Moonlit (recruit)
Hermosita Machete (recruit)
Nouvel (recruit)
Icospawn (recruit)
Kray (recruit)

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Guild Roster
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