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 BDO stat specific testing

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PostSubject: BDO stat specific testing   July 2nd 2016, 4:09 am

I want to run some testing. The goals of these tests:
what does each AP equal? Does it scale exponentially or Logarithmic or statically?
What does each DP equal
what does each point of accuracy do
How big of a deal is human damage? What does each point equal?
How does evasion work, and what difference does each point make?

Defender needs: Armor with 1 gem slot totaling 20DP, Hesus Earring X2, Hesus Belt, Evasion gem for armor piece X1. Armor totaling 40DP give or take, armor totaling around 80DP give or take.

Attack|attack damage|attack base accuracy %|Test parameters|Hit %|Sample size|Ending defender health|
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BDO stat specific testing
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