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 Character Creation Questionaire

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PostSubject: Character Creation Questionaire   June 23rd 2016, 2:00 pm

This template can be used to flesh out RP characters. Just a general helpful guideline to give a character some depth.


1. What is your character’s full name? What is the meaning behind it (literal, symbolic, plot point, etc.)?

2. Did your character choose this name or was it given?

3. Does your character have any defining physical characteristics? Do they show or hide them? Why?

4. What is your character’s body type? Does your character like their body?

5. What is your character’s fitness level?

6. How does your character dress? How do they do their hair? What does that say about their personality and how they feel about the world around them?

7. Do the opinions of others affect your character at all? How does your character react to compliments? Is your character normally skeptical or accepting? Why do they react this way? How does your character react to criticism? Why do they react this way?

8. Who are your character’s parents?

9. Who does your character consider their parents?

10. Where was your character born? What were the circumstances of their birth?

11. How was your character’s childhood? How were they raised?

12. What kind of government did your character grow up under?

13. What are their feelings about that government and governments in general?

14. How does your character feel about society? Does your character participate in any movements? If so, what did those movements represent?

15. What is your character’s view of the sciences? Why?

16. Is your character artistic? How are the arts viewed by the government and by society? How does your character view their art? How do others view their art? How did they learn/develop this ability?

17. How much money does your character have? Why? Is it different from their parents? How does your character normally obtain money?

18. What is your character’s race? How has it had an effect on your character’s life?

19. Is your character a supernatural being? If so, what are the weaknesses of that creature and how does your character deal with it? Does your character try to blend in with humanity? Why?

20. How connected is your character to their culture? Why? Describe their cultural norms.

21. What is your character’s sex?

22. What is your character’s gender?

23. Has your character’s identification of their gender been a source of conflict in their lives? Was it accepted?

24. Is your character religious? If so, how did your character’s beliefs develop, and where/who did they come from? Is your character’s religion different from the societal norm?

25. Does religion help or hurt your character? Does it conflict with another part of who they are?

26. What are your character’s values? If they are religious, how do they differ?

27. Is your character superstitious? What are some of the superstitions they believe in? Are there situations where those beliefs have had a negative impact? A positive impact? How do others view this behavior?

28. How does your character view death, whether it’s their own or that of another? Why?

29. Has your character ever lost a loved one? How did they react?

30. Has your character experienced another kind of loss, be it major or minor?

31. Does your character suffer from mental illness? Does it impact their ability to function normally? Is their mental illness treatable? Has your character sought help? Why?

32. Does your character suffer from an addiction? If so, to what or whom? Does your character see it as an addiction? How does it affect their everyday life? Does your character exhibit any symptoms, and are they noticeable to others?

33. Does your character have a disease or are they bound to get one? How did/does your character contract this disease? What are its symptoms? Does it have a cure? If there isn’t one, is the disease manageable through treatment?

34. Is your character physically disabled? How did they come to be that way? How does your character feel about their disability? How does society view your character’s disability?

35. Has your character suffered any abuse? Was it emotional, mental, physical, or sexual? Was it a combination? How did this impact your character’s view of their abuser? How does the abuse impact your character overall?

36. Has your character ever been an abuser? Why?

37. What/who is your character willing to die for?

38. Has your character ever been involved in a war? Was their involvement voluntary? Were they a civilian?

39. Does your character have military training? Are they currently part of a military unit? Police force? Are they a veteran?

40. Has your character ever had the opportunity to kill? Did they do it? Why? How did it impact them afterwards?

41. What does your character want most? What is their goal?

42. What is your character willing to do to get what they want? How does that reflect who they are?

43. Does your character have any friends? If so, who? How did they meet? What do these people mean to your character?

44. Does your character have any living family? How does your character feel about them?

45. Does your character have any animal companions?

46. Does your character have a spouse? A boyfriend/girlfriend? A crush?

47. Has your character been in a relationship? If so, how many? How did they end and why?

48. What is your character’s sex life like? Why?

49. Who does your character love most?

50. What is your character’s most cherished memory?

51. How does your character react to authority?

52. How does your character solve their problems?

53. What is your character’s greatest strength? What would others say your character’s strengths are?

54. What is your character’s greatest vice? Is it something your character is comfortable with or is it something hidden from the outside world?

55. What does your character fear? Why?

56. Is your character confident? Do others consider your character confident? Does your character think they’re confident? How does their confidence or lack thereof impact their interactions with others?

57. Would you consider your character an introvert or an extrovert?

58. Is your character an adept public speaker?

59. Is your character persuasive and/or charismatic?

60. Is your character good at improvisation?

61. How easily is your character influenced by others?

62. How loud is your character? Why? How much or how little does your character speak?

63. What is the level of your character’s intelligence? What schools did your character attend? Did they graduate? Why? If your character didn’t attend a school, how did they gain their knowledge?

64. How does your character feel about people who aren’t as intelligent as they are, whether that’s based on your character’s perception or not?

65. Does your character value truth? If not, how much do they lie? If so, when has your character lied and why?

66. What is your character’s profession? Is it their chosen profession? If not, what is? Why are they working in this profession? Does your character plan to enter their desired position in the future? Why?

67. What are your character’s hobbies? Did those hobbies factor into their job choice? How did your character come across their hobbies? Do your character’s hobbies have a deeper personal meaning?

68. Does your character have a treasured item? Are they usually materialistic? What makes this item special?

69. Where does your character live? Do they live there by choice? Out of convenience? Out of necessity? How did they come to live there? Does their home have any significant meaning to them?

70. What is your character’s primary language?

71. Can your character speak/write/understand multiple languages? How did your character come to learn them?

72. Can your character read? Does your character enjoy it? Why? If your character can’t read, how does it impact them? Have they attempted to learn? How did those attempts go? How does your character function without the ability to read?

73. Does your character have a special power/ability, supernatural or otherwise? If so, how skilled is your character at this ability? Why?

74. Can your character use magic? How did your character gain this ability? What does their use of magic encompass? How much control does your character have? Are they able to improve their control through training? Why? If they are participating in training, what does it entail? How does it impact your character? How do they feel about it? How do they feel about their trainer?

75. Has your character ever broken the law? What law did your character break? What were the circumstances? How did it impact them? Did they get caught? If so, what was their punishment? How did the punishment impact them? If not, how did a lack of punishment and not getting caught affect them?

76. Can your character drive?

77. Can your character drive vehicles other than cars? Can they fly? Operate a boat? Operate military vehicles? A spacecraft?

78. Is your character tech savvy? What is their skill level?

79. Can your character fight? Do they know martial arts? Why? Who taught them?

80. Can your character use a gun? Do they know how to fire different kinds of guns and heavier weaponry?

81. Is your character good with another kind of weapon?

82. Does your character know first aid or have any advanced medical knowledge?

83. Does your character have any other survival skills? If they were stuck in a remote and/or harsh environment would they be able to survive on their own?

84. How would your character deal with torture?

85. How would your character deal with being alone for an extended period?
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Character Creation Questionaire
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