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 The Raven Protocol

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PostSubject: The Raven Protocol   May 26th 2016, 9:17 pm

Each recruit who is initiated into full membership and given the wings, is taught a system of code signals, which can be spoken verbally or performed with one hand. These signals are both to identify initiation of protocols that set complex behavior operations, and simple actions. Below they are outlined.

Primary Protocols:

Primary protocols set up a set of behaviors when within a populated area, a city or a settlement, when the Ravens are on assignment.

Dawn Protocol

Dawn protocol is a daytime operating protocol. Code word "Dawn" signifies the action is to take place at sun up.

Sunrise - sunrise is the general surveillance routine, performed in the city at day. Ravens are not to take violent action in any way, observe, gather information, but have their weapons ready. This procedure would look like the company being off duty and at ease, they can interact with merchants, partake in socializing and drink, mix with the crowd, as long as the senses stay sharp. All information gathered is to be compiled at a safehouse at the end of the day.

Blue Dawn - code blue is a daytime stealth surveillance routine, which is a version of Sunrise, but with requirements that Ravens stay out of sight or in disguise. Code blue dawn is initiated when it is known that Ravens are wanted in the city and detection will present problems. Violence is to be avoided. If violence happens, the Raven responsible is to pull out of the city until cleared to return to safehouse.

Red Dawn - code red is a high intensity day time combat engagement, Ravens are to act dynamically, move through the streets fast, engage assigned targets, on horseback or on foot, employing all means of speed at disposal, parkour, magic, blink, etc. Priority is to kill and escape. Disguise is optional.

High Noon - code High Noon signifies open siege. Ravens are to form a perimeter around the designated area and hold fast, insignia shown, banners flying. This code is usually initiated when the local law is on our side, or when the situation has become lawless and no discretion is required. No one enters or exits the perimeter.

Dusk Protocol

Dusk protocol is a night time operating protocol. Code word "Dusk" signifies the action is to take place at sun down.

Sunset - a standing order of camping in the area, city, or settlement. Ravens are to stay stealthy, silent, and stationary. Nobody is to take any action, and keep up standing surveillance. No active movement, sticking to your designated areas. This is enacted when the enemy party is to make a move and we are to wait and evaluate response.

Blue Dusk - the dusk version of code blue dawn, the night time surveilance procedure requires use of black clothing, avoiding light sources, and permits tactics that would stand out during the day - sneaking through the streets, going prone under objects, scaling walls, running rooftops. No violence is to take place, unless the evidence can be removed before morning.

Red Dusk - code red dusk is a night time combat action code, the most common use being assassinations. All methods of mobility are to be employed, this is the standard black ops code. Any opposition in the way is to be eliminated, guards may be slain, witnesses silenced or slain, as long as everything is done quietly without raising the alarms. This is a high intensity action, which ends in pulling out of the city and meeting in a designated place. Priority is to kill and escape.

Full Moon - Night time attack on the settlement. All forms of magic and noise are permitted. A shock action bound to take the enemy by surprise and cause panic. Priority is terror. Fire is to be employed, killing unrestricted, buildings to be burned. A quite nasty protocol.

Black Protocol

Code Gray  - is the issue of indefinite time prolonged deep cover. Each Raven is to disguise themselves, clear out nearby HQs and safehouses, assume new identities, change into an untouched set of clothing, modify appearance, and meet up at the Secret Cave ((where we took Family photos)).

Code Black - is the issue of Company termination and full disbandment. Each Raven is to burn their license, insignia, clothing, any possessions that may identify them, burn all nearby HQs and safehouses, assume new identities, change into an untouched set of clothing, modify appearance, and separate into different corners of the world, to never meet again.

Simple codes:

Code Flock (closed fist upward, followed by pointing at a person) - universal protection code, indoors and outdoors: stack up together in formation around the target pointed to.

Code Wing (index finger up, rolling in the air in circles) - pull out, retreat, regroup at a safe hold.

Code Cover (index to pinky stuck together, thumb outward, motion over head, like the SWAT) - cover me as I go in.

Code Blaze (open hand, palm upward, fingers outstretched) - when indoors, a mage is to shield all Ravens from harm, then incinerate the room with fire, aim to kill everyone inside.

Code Storm (closed fist sharply opened, hand shaken forward) - when outdoors, ride to the nearest high elevation cliff shore, abandon mounts, and jump into the water. Escape by sea, swim or otherwise make your own way back to designated safespots. Works to avoid armored pursuit and cavalry.

Code Talon (index and middle fingers apart, thumb curved opposite, forming resemblance of bird talons) - universal code for capture ambush. Law low, spring up when target is near, engage to capture.

Code Feast (index and middle fingers together, thumb opposite, making a beak) - universal code for lethal ambush. Lay low, then spring up, attack, and kill the target.

Code Happy (open palm, wiggle all fingers) - a signal to attempt to distract, mesmerize, or simply knock out the target, priority being amnesia or diverted attention. Non lethal. Aimed to cause the target to awaken clueless.

Code Pancake (flat palm, make fist twice) - let Sigilor handle it.

Raven HQ Door knocks:

3 knocks, pause, 2 knocks, pause, 3 knocks - I come alone or with a friendly, be at ease
2 knocks, pause, 3 knocks, pause, 2 knocks  - I come with a stranger, be wary, have weapons ready, act cool.
2 knocks, pause 1 knock, pause, 2 knocks - Danger/Hostage. Open the door and immediately kill whoever is with me, no questions.

Any other knock - don't open the door, unless specific situation is acknowledged.
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The Raven Protocol
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