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 Sunflower Crop Farming Guide

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PostSubject: Sunflower Crop Farming Guide   March 28th 2016, 12:47 am

Sunflower Crop Farming

Let me start off by saying that, although this is probably the best passive way to make silver while in game, it does require a decent sized investment to start and there will be some key materials you'll need to either make on your own through processing (recommended) or buy through the marketboard (not recommended). On top of these materials, you'll also need a hefty amount of contribution points.


Step 1: Invest contribution points into the Loggia Farm (here you'll want to invest in the "crop workbench" house); you also want to invest into nodes that connect Velia to Trent (mandatory). Down the road, when you have multiple plots of land going at once, you'll want to invest into the Bartali Farm as well for the extra crop workbench house.

Step 2: Rent out a "Strong Fence" from an NPC; the closest NPC that has strong fences is in Heidel. Place your fence anywhere near the Loggia Farm.

Step 3: Buy Special Sunflower Seeds (blue grade) from the marketboard; these will cost you about 30k each and you'll need to buy 9 or 10 of them to fill your 10 plot land (strong fences = 10 plots).

Step 4 (optional): Invest contribution points into a "refinery" and a "carpentry workshop" in Velia town; this will enable your workers to make both Blackstone powders and Scarecrows, respectively. I personally farm Blackstone powders on my own and I don't use scarecrows.

Step 5 (optional/recommended): There are 2 items that you can use on your crops that can either speed up the time they take to grow, or increase the amount of seeds/flowers you'll obtain from farming them; they are fertilizers and distilled water. To obtain distilled water you can buy empty bottles at the material vendor, then collect river water, and finally select the "heating" option in the processing menu to distill it. Distilled water increases the moisture of your plot of land which increases yield. Fertilizer speeds up the growth of your sunflowers and there are 3 grades that you can use. I highly recommend spending the time making the highest grade one. To make "Inorganic Fertilizer" (tier 1) simply dry 5x barley, wheat, potato, sweet potato, or corn (choose 1) in the processing menu. Select the shake & mix option in the processing menu to make "Fertilizer Byproduct" (tier 2), which requires 3x Inorganic Fertilizer and 2x Leavening Agents (purchased at the cooking NPC). Select the shake & mix option in the processing menu to make "Organic Fertilizer" (tier 3), which requires 1x Byproduct Fertilizer and 2x Distilled Waters.

Step 6 (optional): Invest contribution points in a residence in Loggia Farm. You'll need higher amounts of energy on your alt with more plots of land, so it's highly recommended to have a bed placed here so that your char can sleep to regain their energy quicker.

Step 7: Once your sunflowers are fully grown, you'll want to select the Breeding option (F1) until you gain enough seeds to re-plot your land; this method makes your farms self-sustaining. After you've gained enough seeds you can Harvest (R) the rest. You can also optionally take care of your farm before your crops reach 100%-120% by pruning and getting rid of insects (not doing so will result in slower crop growth but won't affect the amount you'll harvest). *Note* you'll want to Harvest your crops from anywhere between 100%-119% to obtain the maximum amount of flowers (letting your crops hit 120% when harvesting will yield you significantly less due to them being old). You can Breed for seeds anywhere between 100%-120%

Step 8: Once you've gathered enough sunflowers, you'll want to store them in the Velia warehouse. From there you can have your worker use 10x Special Sunflowers and 1x Blackstone Powder in the Crop Workbench to make 1x Special Sunflower Crate.

Step 9: You can then transport these crates (max 40 at one time) from Velia warehouse to Calpheon warehouse, then from Calpheon warehouse to Trent warehouse; I'm not sure why you can't just directly go from Velia to Trent currently.

Step 10: Sell your crates to the trader in Trent; I personally sell my crates at around ~120%-130%. You can remotely check the sale price of that trade by spending 1 energy (recommended as you want to sell at 130% asap).


Basically you're going to need to spend ~270-300k to get your initial seeds, as well as a hefty amount of contribution points for investing and for your first fence. After this, place your fence, plant your seeds, and make sure you maintain both the fertilizer and water levels if you opted to make them. It's best to have the fertilizer and distilled water on the alt that you'll be parking near your crops. After about 3 to 5 hours (depending on if you prune and de-insect your crops) you'll be able to farm them up and dump them into the Velia warehouse after a certain amount. From there assign workers to build crates and after obtaining 40 crates send it to Trent. Last, just sell the crates at an optimal time and you're all set. I personally have 4x 10 plot lands running while I afk fish or actively play the game and I usually obtain ~300 sunflowers per rotation. Quick math: 300 sunflowers = 30 crates = 672,000 silver every 3-5 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns you can message me in-game or in the guild's discord. My character's first name is Merlana (Budokan) and my discord name is Budokan.
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PostSubject: Re: Sunflower Crop Farming Guide   April 3rd 2016, 7:08 am

Thaaank you <3
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Sunflower Crop Farming Guide
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