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 Trucidation Adventures - quick update

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PostSubject: Trucidation Adventures - quick update   March 8th 2016, 2:04 pm

A quick update from the past week. Most people probably aren't aware of this.

We had a bit of a skirmish war with Trucidation guild, over us killing one of their lowbies at Catfishmen to contest the spot. Trucidation's guild leader showed up in force and declared a war on us, started hunting us down. They were high level and better geared, so it was a definite advantage on their side. 3 v 3 against their best they beat us.

I attempted diplomacy with the guild leader, and he was friendly, but had no intentions to end the war. All with a smile on his face and a cheeky little attitude. He's not a bad guy for it.

What made me super proud is what happened the next day. Lunaer and Ayel pretty much bullied Trucidation into ending the war, by ambushing their leveling lowbies trying to level up, and retreating when the high levels came in.

True guerilla war tactics, for which I commend them both. Also, thanks to Cain for fighting in the initial engagement, despite being under 50.
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Trucidation Adventures - quick update
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