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 Plan of Action for 1-50 on 2/28/2016 (Or 2/27/2016 in Knox's case)

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Lunaer Vorfreude

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PostSubject: Plan of Action for 1-50 on 2/28/2016 (Or 2/27/2016 in Knox's case)   February 23rd 2016, 6:05 pm

I also recommend checking out his other mechanics videos, which can be found below:

These cover anything from post 50 pvp world bosses, to trading, to horses, you name it!

The first youtube video outlines all relevant black spirit quests and grind locations from 1-50. There is a quest that can be taken at 45 that is a prerequisite to leveling up to 50. So if you do not do the quest, you are stuck at 99.99% level 49 forever.

There are a few changes however. Such as how many people will be joining me for the rush from 1-50. We would benefit most the more people we have. It is better to solo if you have two people, and better to group with 3 or more. I will also be coordinating with Cain on builds, since we will have two wizards in the party. One of us will go more support first focus, and the other everything dps. Complementary builds actually allow faster grinding and more cushion, so when you fuck up, you dont have to run all the way back (This is where those revival consumables will be the godsend of black desert) (I recommend having the cash shop revival at minimum because you don't lose valuable experience)

We need people to make money and get Milk Tea in Calpheon as soon as possible. It is important for the rush group haha xD. Be the middleman and let us know if you can do it Smile +8% Experience for 90min

The Casher section:
Unknown to many people there are buffs you can receive from pets that can give you combat experience bonuses. They range from 3% to 5% to 7%. So if you are really lucky, you can have anywhere from 9% - 21% extra combat experience right from the start with enough money.

See this video for pet combination techniques in order to maximize the chance to get combat experience % increase.

I will continue to work on this
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Plan of Action for 1-50 on 2/28/2016 (Or 2/27/2016 in Knox's case)
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