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Welcome to the Ravens’ Nest
Ravens Of War is an establishing PvP and Roleplay community based around the idea of a medieval fantasy mercenary company, maintaining persistent presence in Black Desert Online.

Above all, in their core, the Ravens are survivors, first and foremost. We're here to stay and outlive the competition. If you are looking for a long term home in BDO, we're happy to embrace you.

Victories are important to us, but even more important is our members' enjoyment of the game. Usually the two coincide, but when the game pushes you past your limit to the point where you burn out, we take it easy and switch priorities. Our guild fosters a semi-hardcore hybrid family-friendly environment where the competitive players of the PvP core can find their application in fulfilling bounty contracts, while the more casual PvE and Roleplay oriented players can enjoy a more low-pressure, low-burnout atmosphere, tell their stories and apply themselves via providing their services and skills in the safety of towns, acting as auxiliary core.

Enlisting with us, consider carefully. We welcome members of all skill levels, who are motivated and dedicated to Black Desert Online, seek opportunity for self improvement, and want a chance to carve out a little piece of the map for themselves. A corner of the world we can call home. But it's not the skill level, but the loyalty and activity - which we value and require most. Being active, working on getting better, richer, stronger - every day, with dedication and loyalty to the company - these are the qualities we want in our members.

Now think of your path. What role will you play? Do you yearn for adventure and a life on the road? Do you find comfort in the rain beneath a wagon's tarp? Do you enjoy a gathering of merry cutthroats around a campfire, planning their future to survive the night? Is your armor polished, and your weapon repaired? Then load out, saddle up, and we ride in the morning. Profit and opportunity await!

Ravens of War vs. Laughing Coffin
May 11th 2016, 11:43 am by Ayl
A short clip from the beginning of our war with the guild Laughing Coffin.

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Ravens vs Ferrid - Our First Guild Boss
May 11th 2016, 7:22 pm by KonradKnox

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The Calpheon "Roleplayers"
May 11th 2016, 12:04 pm by Ayl

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Ayl vs. Stormblessed - Outnumbered Tamer PvP
May 11th 2016, 12:00 pm by Ayl

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